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Explore the Complete Communities YouTube Channel for visually engaging tools to help you plan for communities that are attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy, and resilient places. Check out our playlists for video series that feature interesting topics. Get to know creative placemakers in Delaware with the Stories of Delaware’s Complete Communities playlist that highlights innovative placemaking projects across Delaware. Watch the Delaware Byways playlist to take a journey through the scenic byways of Delaware’s natural landscape. New videos are posted frequently. From interviews with local experts to showcasing new policy strategies, the YouTube channel has something to offer for everyone interested in planning for complete communities.

Esri Featured Story Maps

Featured Story Maps Esri

According to Esri, the gallery “a selection of stories we’ve hand-picked to highlight particular subjects, best practices and approaches.” Click on the image to visit the gallery.

The Complete Communities Story Map Gallery is featured by Esri, an international GIS company. Known as the global leader in GIS software, Esri provides ArcGIS, a software that can be used to assess and present data in a spatial context. Using ArcGIS, Complete Communities creates story maps, which are visually engaging platforms that allow spatial data and information to be presented in a multimedia, storytelling format.


Get Started with the Toolbox: Watch These Videos

The Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox is growing! If you’re not sure where to start, watch these two videos for an overview of Complete Communities planning approaches and how to navigate the toolbox.

Introduction to the Complete Communities Planning Toolbox

This video provides an overview of the Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware project. It explains the five elements of a complete community and how Delaware local governments may use this framework and resources within the online Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox to create attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy, & resilient places.

Navigating the Complete Communities Toolbox

This video briefly describes how to best utilize the Toolbox to discover complete communities planning approaches, community design tools, and public engagement strategies. Navigate through the toolbox to explore documents, images, presentations, and videos that aim to define the core concepts and describe the benefits of complete communities.


Guide to Master Planning

Master Planning is an integral component of the Complete Communities framework. It complements and integrates other planning activities. Local comprehensive plans articulate visions and formulate general guidelines for achieving desired land use patterns in counties and municipalities. Master Planning brings all stakeholders—state agencies, local governments, civic groups, and business leaders—together to “get it done” by spelling out the details of, and the responsibilities for, the provision of infrastructure services in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

In September 2012, the Office of State Planning Coordination introduced the Guide for Master Planning in Delaware. Visit the Master Planning and Complete Communities section of the toolbox for more information on master planning in Delaware.

Complete Communities Toolbox

Introducing a new feature of the Complete Communities Delaware Project site!

The Delaware Complete Communities Toolbox can be used by citizens and planning professionals to help create complete communities that are desirable places to live for people of all ages and abilities.

Toolbox content provides planning concepts that:

  • serve as complete-communities building blocks;
  • explain the five elements of a complete community; and
  • offer tools, strategies, and resources for Delaware local governments.

This new resource provide visual and written resources on:

The toolbox aims to advance a framework to help Delaware communities plan for and manage growth, consider benefits of better community design, spur reinvestment in older communities, protect natural and environmental resources, understand the connection between land use and transportation planning, promote economic development and placemaking strategies, combat sprawl, and make more efficient use of limited funds for growth-related needs.

Explore the toolbox through the horizontal menu panel on the top of the page. Check back for updates as the toolbox continues to grow.

A Delaware Guide to Form-Based Codes

Front cover of A Delaware Guide to Form-Based CodesThe Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination and the Institute for Public Administration recently developed a new tool for planners in Delaware.
A Delaware Guide to Form-Based Codes describes the four common factors of Form-Based Codes:

  1. Regulating plan (zoning map),
  2. Building type and location,
  3. Open space considerations, and
  4. Design and function of streets.

Check out this and many other resources in the Planning Tools section of the Complete Communities Toolbox.