Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) GIS Story Map

View the new GIS Story Map. It showcases DelDOT’s Bicycle LTS model that provides a basis to plan for a bicycle-friendly Delaware. Low-stress bicycle networks should produce a comfortable experience for bicyclists, of all ages and abilities, through a connected system of low-speed local roads, off-street trails, and on-street bicycle facilities. Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) refers to the idea that a set of criteria and measures of low-stress connectivity can be used to evaluate and guide bicycle network planning. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has developed a Bicycle LTS model, available on First Map, the State of Delaware’s GIS portal, to help visualize and plan for a bicycle-friendly Delaware. This GIS Story Map showcases the Bicycle LTS Model, highlights ways to assess bicycle LTS in a community, and can be used as a basis to plan for a bicycle-friendly Delaware.

Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly Delaware Spark Page

Image of the Blueprint for a Bicycle Friendly Delaware Framework for Local Implementation Spark Page. Click on the image to open the Spark Page.

The Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly Delaware Framework for Local Implementation Adobe Spark Page guides local governments through the process of developing a project and coordinating with regional and state entities in accordance with the Blueprint’s goals and DelDOT’s project prioritization process. Envisioning a Delaware where high-quality bicycle networks connect destinations and cyclists of all skill levels feel safe, DelDOT created the Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly Delaware to establish a transparent process through which DelDOT can support bicycle-friendly planning projects led by local governments. Through participatory planning and coordination with land use strategies, locally-driven bicycle planning builds a strong foundation for bikeability by more accurately identifying the wants and needs of each specific community.

Jack A. Markell Trail

Image of the Jack A. Markell Trail. Click on the image to open the Jack A. Markell Spark Page.

From the Wilmington riverfront to Historic New Castle, the Jack A. Markell Trail offers cyclists and pedestrians a scenic trip through northern Delaware. The Jack A. Markell Trail Adobe Spark Page offers a visual guide to the new Jack A. Markell pedestrian and bicycle trail. The guide presents an overview of all the trail has to offer and a detailed synopsis of the trail’s construction and background. The Adobe Spark Page also highlights the trail’s benefits to citizen health and to the community’s environment. The new trail is a monumental step toward a more healthy, active, and inclusive environment in Delaware.

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Explore the Complete Communities YouTube Channel for visually engaging tools to help you plan for communities that are attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy, and resilient places. Check out our playlists for video series that feature interesting topics. Get to know creative placemakers in Delaware with the Stories of Delaware’s Complete Communities playlist that highlights innovative placemaking projects across Delaware. Watch the Delaware Byways playlist to take a journey through the scenic byways of Delaware’s natural landscape. New videos are posted frequently. From interviews with local experts to showcasing new policy strategies, the YouTube channel has something to offer for everyone interested in planning for complete communities.

Esri Featured Story Maps

Featured Story Maps Esri

According to Esri, the gallery “a selection of stories we’ve hand-picked to highlight particular subjects, best practices and approaches.” Click on the image to visit the gallery.

The Complete Communities Story Map Gallery is featured by Esri, an international GIS company. Known as the global leader in GIS software, Esri provides ArcGIS, a software that can be used to assess and present data in a spatial context. Using ArcGIS, Complete Communities creates story maps, which are visually engaging platforms that allow spatial data and information to be presented in a multimedia, storytelling format.


New GIS Story Map: Investments in Downtown Development Districts

The ArcGIS StoryMap shows each of the eight Downtown Development Districts and the on-going projects in each district.The Investments in Downtown Development Districts (DDDs) GIS story map highlights developer investments for both large and small project set-asides in each DDD community through 2017. In addition, the map identifies the type of project in terms of commercial, residential, and/or mixed-use development. This story map is comprised of eight (8) individual story maps, one for each of Delaware’s designated DDDs, which may be viewed in the “Implementing Complete Communities in Delaware” GIS Story Map Gallery.

To learn more about using GIS story maps as a tool for public engagement, visit our GIS story maps page.

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Young adult in a motorized wheel chair with her service dog, struggles to navigate the poorly plowed streets.

Dust off our Winter Maintenance guide to review how Delaware local governments can clarify and better coordinate responsibilities for winter maintenance of pedestrian facilities.

Spotlight on Delaware

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Gov. John Carney delivered his State of the State Address to a Joint Session of the General Assembly last week. Did you miss it? Watch it now.

Recipients of the Planning Certificate Award.

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Have a suggestion for Fire Station no. 5 reuse? Wilmington is listening.

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The next Sussex County Council Comprehensive Plan Workshop takes place on January 31, at 9:30 a.m.

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