Getting Started

The Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox aims to help build local government capacity to develop:

  • complete-communities planning approaches,
  • community-design tools,
  • and public engagement strategies.

Navigate through all eight sections of the toolbox to explore documents, images, presentations, and videos that aim to define the core concepts and describe the benefits of complete communities.

This toolbox is designed to grow as new content is developed, so come back often. The latest updates will be highlighted on the homepage.

Explore the Toolkit

The Toolbox is designed to align with the key chapters required for Delaware’s local governments to include in their Comprehensive Plans. In addition to these key themes, check out these features:

Living Lab

Explore the Living Lab hub, designed to assist Delaware communities in planning, implementing, and evaluating active transportation pop-up demonstrations.

Self-Paced Certificate Courses

Engage with our community-based Canvas courses that will assist you in each element you need to have your own complete community.

Visual Tools

The Visual Tools section is a convenient way to access and share the visual content dispersed throughout the Toolbox. Users can now navigate to a single page to search through videos, infographics, ArcGIS Story Maps, Adobe Express pages, and a glossary of terms. Visual tools have been crafted to showcase best practices with regard to complete communities-implementation strategies in Delaware and take viewers on a virtual tour of Delaware’s Byways.

Community Space on Market Street in Wilmington, DE