Getting Started


The Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox aims to help build local government capacity to develop:

  • complete-communities planning approaches,
  • community-design tools,
  • and public engagement strategies.

Getting Started

Navigate through all five sections of the toolbox to explore documents, images, presentations, and videos that aim to define the core concepts and describe the benefits of complete communities.

This toolbox is designed to grow as new content is developed, so come back often.
The latest updates will be highlighted on the homepage and news sections of this site.

Toolbox Sections

Section 1: Planning Tools

The Planning Tools section describes a variety of land-use planning tools and techniques, organized based on the five elements of a complete community.

  1. Complete Streets
  2. Efficient Land Use
  3. Healthy and Livable
  4. Inclusive and Active
  5. Sustainable and Resilient

Section 2: Community-Design Tools

The Community-Design Tools section incorporates video clips, photographs, and other content that visually support corresponding content on community design strategies that move toward “an architecture of place.” This approach considers the value of designing places that are dynamic and reflect community changes, oriented toward people not cars, reflective of a town’s architectural and cultural heritage, visually attractive and enjoyable, accessible and inclusive, and economically vibrant. Featured within this section is the Designing Better Communities seven-part video series.

Section 3: Public-Engagement Strategies

The Public-Engagement Strategies section of the toolbox focuses on how to achieve public involvement, educate citizens, and engage community members, and gain input from stakeholders to plan for complete communities. A variety of high-touch and high-tech strategies highlight examples of practical implementation by local governments.

Section 4: News

The News section reflects new content that is featured on the rotating banner of the home page and provides an archive of featured topics.

Section 5: Visual Tools

The Visual Tools section is a convenient way to access and share the high-impact visual content dispersed throughout the Toolbox. Users can now navigate to a single page to search through videos, infographics, ArcGIS Story Maps, Adobe Spark videos, Adobe Spark pages, and photos organized by the five elements of Complete Communities. Visual tools have been crafted to showcase best practices with regard to complete communities-implementation strategies in Delaware and take viewers on a virtual tour of Delaware’s Byways.

The Complete Communities YouTube Channel was launched in May 2013. With a variety of content-rich playlists, the YouTube Channel has helped to increase engagement and shareability of Toolbox content beyond its intended audience of Delaware local government officials, citizen planners, and community leaders.



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