Three Steps Toward a Flood-Ready Community

Delaware Local Government Planning Framework: Flood-Ready Communities

Resilient communities leverage the strengths and capacities of individuals, families, businesses, schools, and hospitals to “bounce back” after flood events, rather than merely react to impacts.

The new “Flood-Ready Communities” section of the Toolbox provides for a planning framework to equip Delaware communities with the tools necessary to transform communities into flood-ready, resilient places.

This topic area highlights a process and tools for Delaware communities to evaluate risks, plan to adapt, and execute actions to address the impacts of flooding.

This section also features a GIS StoryMap showcasing “freeboard” as a tool to achieve a sustainable and resilient community. When adopted as part of a floodplain management strategy, freeboard can create flood-ready communities that are prepared to protect and preserve properties and lives.

Visit the new “Flood-Ready Communities” section of the Toolbox today!

Get Started with the Toolbox: Watch These Videos

The Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox is growing! If you’re not sure where to start, watch these two videos for an overview of Complete Communities planning approaches and how to navigate the toolbox.

Introduction to the Complete Communities Planning Toolbox

This video provides an overview of the Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware project. It explains the five elements of a complete community and how Delaware local governments may use this framework and resources within the online Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox to create attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy, & resilient places.

Navigating the Complete Communities Toolbox

This video briefly describes how to best utilize the Toolbox to discover complete communities planning approaches, community design tools, and public engagement strategies. Navigate through the toolbox to explore documents, images, presentations, and videos that aim to define the core concepts and describe the benefits of complete communities.


New Guide to Transportation Improvement Districts

tid-guide-coverTo help Delaware local governments better understand DelDOT regulations that govern the process to plan for and establish a TID, the Institute for Public Administration developed an electronic publication, Transportation Improvement Districts: A Guide for Delaware Local Governments.

Funded by the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), the guide discusses the purpose, benefits, and TID planning framework in Delaware.

It also provides a step-by-step process for Delaware local governments to follow to create TID(s) and two best-practice examples for planning (City of Newark) and implementation (City of Dover) of TIDs in Delaware.

The downloadable guide is part of a comprehensive set of online tools on TIDs within the Complete Streets element of Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox, available here.