New Report on Climate Change

River with bridge in fallThe Institute for Public Administration, with financial assistance from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, recently completed work with the City of Milford, Delaware to create a new “climate-conscious” comprehensive development plan that considers climate change impacts (sea level rise, flooding, higher temperatures) and recommends appropriate strategies to reduce vulnerability, build community resiliency, and enhance long-term sustainability.

This project represents the first time a Delaware municipality has fully assessed and integrated climate impacts into its comprehensive development plan. Following the work with Milford, IPA’s project team produced a report to communicate to local decision makers, urban planners, and concerned citizens the strategies and methods used in Milford’s planning process.

All Delaware municipalities are vulnerable to climate impacts, and the example set in Milford provides a model for other towns and cities to follow as they seek to adapt to a changing climate. Read the report here.

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