Taken from: http://www01.smgov.net/cityclerk/council/agendas/2009/20091124/s2009112403-A.htm

For the past nineteen years, IPA has conducted a series of public policy forums, along with their accompanying research and reports, focusing on infrastructure policy.  The purpose has been to facilitate a continuing process of discussion, planning, and action for the formulation of policies and programs designed to meet future infrastructure needs of Delaware as well as the development of long-term strategies for regional infrastructure priorities.  Recent infrastructure policy forums and/or research have focused on the issues of walkability, mobility, interconnectivity, transit-oriented design, right sizing Delaware’s paratransit system, Northeast Corridor transportation, and infrastructure issues.

The proposed project will formulate a framework plan for Complete Communities in Delaware.  The project will consist of a focused literature review of planning initiatives to date in Delaware, literature scan to identify features/characteristics of Complete Communities, a series of facilitated outreach meetings, a public policy forum on Complete Communities, and preparation of a white paper to summarize project outcomes.

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