Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content. They are ideal to quickly, precisely, and clearly convey a complex planning topic. While an infographic may provide a self-contained message or principle, more in-depth information on the topic may be obtained from the Delaware Complete Communities Planning Toolbox.

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Complete Communities

Five Elements of a Complete Community

Complete Streets Infographics

Graduate students in a semester-long course in transportation sustainability prepared infographics to heighten the understanding of Complete Streets.

Goals of Complete Streets Five Benefits of Complete Streets Complete Streets: Enhancing Community Roads for Everyone Complete Streets Promote Complete Streets Complete Your Life Complete Streets Present and Future

Complete Streets

Streetscaping providesStreetscaping ProvidesBenefits of Transit-Oriented Development Transit Oriented Development-25o7yap Key Elements of Complete Streets Safe Routes to School Back to School

Efficient Land Use

What are your community principles?Comprehensive PlansBenefits of Form-Based CodesBenefits of Form-Based Codes Benefits of Mixed Use Development Benefits of Mixed Use DevelopmentEconomic Benefits of Mixed Use Development The Main Street Four PointsLand Use Before and After

Healthy and Livable

Economic Benefits Active Transportation Parks and Recreation Public Markets Aging in PlaceCohousing

Active and Inclusive

Placemaking Seasonal Placemaking Holiday Placemaking Temporary Placemaking

Sustainable and Resilient

Asset Based Economic Development Rural Landscapes in DelawareProtect Scenic Rural Landscapes Rural Land Management Economic Benefits of Green Building Green Building Practices Green Building in Your Community Downtown Development Districts Main Street Communities Shop Small in Delaware

Public Engagement

High-tech pubic engagementHigh-touch public engagement

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