Review State of Delaware’s Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

While other factors such as storms and high tides can cause flooding, assessing risks and planning for the long-term effects of climate change, including sea level rise, can better prepare Delaware’s communities, specifically those on the coast, in the near-term for flood events. Preparing for Tomorrow’s High Tide: Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for the State of Delaware was developed by DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs with input, advice and guidance from members of Image of Preparing for Tomorrow's High Tide Sea Level Rise Vulnerability AssessmentDelaware’s Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee.

The document contains background information about sea level rise, methods used to determine vulnerability, and a comprehensive accounting of the extent and impacts that sea level rise will have on the state. Communities in low-lying, flood-prone, or coastal areas may use this publication as the basis for assessing their vulnerability. This includes flooding of local assets such as ecological resources and protected lands, infrastructure, future development areas, industrial lands, roads and bridges, wells and groundwater resources, and tourism and recreation areas.

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