Sustainable and Resilient

Sustainable communities are communities planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living. This may include sustainability aspects relating to reproduction, water, transportation, energy, waste, and materials. They tend to focus on environmental sustainability (development and agriculture) and economic sustainability.

Tools for establishing sustainable and resilient communities include:

Case Study

This case study with the city of Newark Delaware offers one step by step perspective in revitalizing the community’s downtown business district through the use of mixed use development and community engagement techniques.

The video highlights initiatives undertaken by City of Newark, Delaware, with support from the Downtown Newark Partnership, to revitalize its downtown to a thriving and vibrant central business district. Newark’s mayor, business leaders, and municipal planning professionals share their perspectives on the City’s renaissance.

Notable keys to success include community visioning, sound planning practices, zoning changes to allow mixed-use development, institution of design guidelines, and the adoption of the parking waiver (incentive) program.

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