Additional Resources on Mixed-Use Development

Better Models for Development in Delaware

Source: PlaceMakers, Stories from the Fields: Town of Whitehall, Delaware

Source: PlaceMakers, Stories from the Fields: Town of Whitehall, Delaware

Produced by the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination, this report contains “Ideas for Creating more Livable and Prosperous Communities” and lists six principles for future development in Delaware.

Building Better Budgets

Smart Growth America is an organization that focuses on the challenges facing urban areas as American urban centers continue to grow. This annual report details the economic argument for mixed use development.

Delaware Downtown Development Districts Program

The Downtown Development District program was implemented in 2014 to incentivize communities to plan for redevelopment.

Financing Mixed-Use Development in the Delaware Valley Region

Prepared by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), this report is designed to aid municipalities and developers in financing mixed-use development projects.

Form-Based Codes: A Primer for Delaware Municipalities

This guide, produced by the Institute for Public Administration at the University of Delaware, describes form-based codes describes the four common factors of Form-Based Codes:

  1. Regulating plan (zoning map),
  2. Building type and location,
  3. Open space considerations, and
  4. Design and function of streets.

Mixed-Use Development in Plain English

The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) in Seattle, Wash produced this online resource for local governments. It describes mixed-use development is an important component of successful transit-oriented development, traditional neighborhood development, and smart growth/livable community development schemes. It provides examples of mixed-use strategies that have been adopted by Washington local governments for Mixed Use Codes, Mixed Use Parking Requirements or Parking Reduction Provisions, and Related Types of Mixed-Use Development.

Mixed-Use & Compact Development

This presentation was part of a Mobile Workshop Series offered through collaboration between the Delaware Chapter of the American Planning Association, the Delaware State Housing Authority, and the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination. The presentation provides mixed-use and compact development case studies in Delaware and challenges local government decision makers to think about ways to integrate this type of development into existing communities.

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