Mixed-Use Development

A combination of factors, including changing demographics, real estate market, and slow economic recovery from the Great Recession are driving demand for high-quality, compact and walkable communities. Local governments need to plan for a diverse range of land uses and development to sustain a diverse economy.

This section discusses the concept and benefits of mixed-use development, which can be defined as integrated development that incorporates two or more types of land uses (e.g., housing, offices, retail, entertainment, institutions, services, restaurants). Mixed-use development can help local governments better respond to a growing market demand for walkable, vibrant communities with convenient transit linkages, proximity to jobs, and access to nearby public services and spaces and activity-oriented destinations.

Topics in this section

Visual resources

GIS StoryMap on Mixed-Use Development

This GIS StoryMap showcases mixed-use development as a tool to achieve Efficient Land Use in a community. Explore examples of mixed-use development in Delaware while comparing development uses to aerial imagery.


Narrated Video on Mixed-Use Development

This video introduces the process of successfully implementing mixed-use developments in a community.

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