What is FirstMap Delaware?

FirstMap DelawareFirstMap Delaware is a repository of geospatial data about Delaware that is featured within the statewide Open Data Portal. These data are expressed in a form that can be mapped and compared to other geographic information.

FirstMap is the realization of the vision of the Delaware Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Community for self-service geospatial data that can be shared among federal and state agencies, private sector businesses, non-profit organizations, academia, local governments and the general public. It was designed and built through a collaborative effort to meet a wide variety of needs for a diverse group of users.

FirstMap allows GIS users to access a central repository of services that share the most current data available. The data in these services can be added to maps, used within applications, and utilized in ArcGIS Online Web Maps. Browse the Gallery to explore the collection of featured maps, GIS Story Maps, and web applications that are available. Agreements between Delaware’s state agencies and local governments ensure data are kept up to date. Municipal governments can use FirstMap free of charge. The list of what’s available will evolve as additional capabilities and services are added over time.

FirstMap GalleryFirstMap Gallery

Getting Started with FirstMap

Getting started with FirstMap is easy! The FirstMap team suggests that local government users:

  • Visit the FirstMap Website that provides links to a variety of documents to help users understand and use FirstMap services and applications
  • Review the Overview for Local Governments, which was prepared specifically to guide local government officials in the use of data in FirstMap services
  • Check out the Quick Reference Sheet with the URL’s and basic information needed to get started
  • Read the ArcGIS Online Instructions, which provides instructions to connect to the FirstMap services through ArcGIS Desktop as well as ArcGIS Online

Need More Information?

Contact the FirstMap team at FirstMap@state.de.us

Delaware Open Data

FirstMap Delaware advances the State of Delaware’s intent to make publicly available large and open collections of data maintained by Delaware’s state agencies. In October 2016, a statewide Open Data Portal was launched to streamline public access to public information, enhance government transparency, deepen civic engagement, and foster innovation. As a centralized website, the Open Data Portal provides non-identifiable public data across state agencies and provides interactive features that allow users to browse and sort information and engage with data through maps, charts, and graphs to visualize it in new and innovative ways. For developers, the portal offers data in machine-readable formats, with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), geo-location data, embed codes, and more.

The Open Data Portal was established through Executive Order 57. It represents a major milestone in the State’s journey to leverage data as a strategic asset, contains more than 30 datasets and over 35 maps.

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