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In communities where access to healthy food has historically been low, it is helpful to couple food access policies with a public health campaign for nutrition. Nutrition campaigning reinforces a demand for fruits and vegetables in the community. Not only will this make retailers more confident about their ability to sell produce, but it will also help encourage awareness about new healthy food options.

Advertising the locations and hours of farmers’ markets, farm stands, healthy cornerstones, and CSAs is one way to promote healthy eating. Communities can campaign for healthier eating by providing comprehensive nutritional information. Social media and websites offer helpful platforms for distributing messages about healthy eating. Towns can share social media posts from the USDA, healthy recipe websites, and other sources of nutritional information.

Use these tips to promote nutrition at the community level:

  • Partner with the food bank to bring its educational programs to the community.
  • Work with schools to incorporate nutrition messages into events and after school programs
  • Use social media platforms to promote nutrition messages and healthy recipes.
  • Feature the hours and locations of local healthy retailers (farmers’ markets, farm stands, CSAs) on the town website.
  • Incorporate MyPlate resources into nutrition messaging and events at which there will be food.
  • Provide healthy food and recipes at community events.
  • Invite local healthy food retailers to community events and meetings.
  • Hold community events at or near community gardens and farmers’ markets.

Holding workshops, community gardening days, and other events can also help spread the word about the importance of healthy eating. For guidance in carrying out a nutrition campaign, visit, which contains helpful resources like “Smart Nutrition 101,”“MyPlate resources,”“Printable Materials and Handouts,” and more.

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