Smoke-Free Local Policies

IMPACT Delaware Tobacco Prevention Coalition set forth several goals to help governing bodies across the state work toward creating a smoke-free Delaware. In order to make progress toward the goals set forth by IMPACT Delaware as well as toward the Surgeon General’s call for a smoke-free generation, municipalities need to enforce existing policies and implement new policies. Population-based smoking interventions have had the greatest impact on smoking declines in the years since the Surgeon General Warning. Local communities can use local codes to address the three categories of smoking behaviors:

  • Initiation
  • Maintenance
  • Cessation

In 2013, Delaware issued a smoking ban for all state government campuses. Private organizations like some universities, parking lots, and outdoor sports complexes have also banned smoking on their grounds. On the local level, many Delaware communities have implemented smoke-free ordinances for outdoor public spaces including parks, beaches, and city property. In addition, towns can also implement point-of-sale ordinances.

Smoke-Free Public Spaces

When people smoke in public places, both the smoker and others visiting the public space are exposed to the harmful effects of smoking. Furthermore, seeing others smoke in public places perpetuates unhealthy smoking norms. Public spaces should be safe for visitors and promote healthy lifestyles, so it is important to make public spaces smoke-free. To encourage local governments to work toward creating smoke-free public spaces, the U.S. Department of Health and Community Services’s Healthy People 2020 set an objective for all 50 states to pass laws eliminating smoking in public places. Additionally, the Office on Smoking and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke one of its main goals.

View the Creating Smoke-Free Public Spaces Spark Page below to learn more about creating ordinances that establish a smoke-free environment.

Creating Smoke-Free Public Spaces in Delaware

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