City of Newark

The City of Newark regularly involves the public in parks and recreation master planning, including the recent development of Curtis Mill Park. Located on a brownfield site of a former historic paper mill, the park is envisioned as a city gateway and will provide active and passive recreation as well as an expansion of the city’s pedestrian and bicycle network.

Curtis Mill Park Master Plan, City of Newark, Del.

Curtis Mill Park Master Plan, City of Newark, Del.

The City of Newark has also worked with the Delaware Department of Transportation and other stakeholders to prepare the master plan for its Pomeroy and Newark Rail Trail. Public engagement was critical to the planning process. Public meetings were held to garner citizen input both in person and via a form that solicited written comments and feedback. The trail serves both as a recreation facility and transportation facility that expands the existing pedestrian network to a Delaware state park, improves pedestrian safety and mobility, and provides a connection to park facilities and Newark’s central business district. Designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, the City of Newark joined with the Newark Bicycle Committee and WILMAPCO to create a 2014 Bicycle Plan that focuses on developing a bicycle network, policies, and programs within the City and also identifies desired links and nearby destinations.

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