City of Lewes

The City of Lewes revitalized its waterfront property through the development of the Lewes Canalfront Park and Marina. Spanning three acres adjacent to the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, the park provides public boat ramps, a fishing pier, a boardwalk, and other amenities. Now open for uses such as leisurely walks and civic gatherings, the park was a sustainable master planning project undertaken by the City of Lewes with public input via workshops, surveys and interviews. The City of Lewes enlisted the consulting firm Andropogon to prepare the Canalfront Park and Marine Master Plan. This video showcases the scenic beauty of the park, which captures the character and history of the town and provides an opportunity to reconnect the historic town core to the waterfront.

Lewes Canalfront Master Plan

Lewes Canalfront Master Plan

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