Walkable Communities

Cover of the new 2016 Healthy and Complete Communities in Delaware: The Walkability Assessment ToolWalkable, pedestrian infrastructure is a key element of a “Complete Community.” When sidewalks, parks, and trails are pleasant places to walk, all community members benefit. Unfortunately, not all places are walkable, but with the help of IPA’s Walkability Assessment Tool, citizens achieve positive changes.

This video highlights the needs for walkable communities in Delaware. Walkability impacts nearly every facet of community life. Therefore, it is vitally important for citizens to understand the benefits of walkable pedestrian infrastructure, recognize where barriers exist, and work collaboratively with other stakeholders to make positive changes to a community’s walkable infrastructure. Delaware’s state agencies, local governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and advocacy groups have been working to make Delaware more pedestrian friendly and its residents more physically active and healthy.


For a humorous take on the problems posed by places that aren’t walkable, please view this Buzzfeed article: 5 Times Walkable Infrastructure Just Didn’t Work For Pedestrians.

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