Suggested Resources on Delaware TIDs and Master Planning

Capital Transportation Program Development Process – This document serves as a guide to the members on DelDOT’s Council on Transportation (COT) and the public and explains COT’s role in developing the six-year Capital Transportation Program (CTP).

DelDOT Project Prioritization Criteria – This document summarizes the process by which DelDOT prioritizes projects included in its six-year Capital Transportation Program (CTP). It provides criteria used to establish a formula-based process as authorized under Delaware Code Title 29, Section 8419.

Delaware Register of Regulations —The April 1, 2013 issue provides the final, adopted Standards and Regulations for Subdivision Streets and State Highway Access, including changes related to TIS and TID regulations. The order to delay implementation authorizes May 10, 2013 as the official adoption date of the revised regulations.

Guide for Master Planning in Delaware — Developed by the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination (OSPC) with the assistance of the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware, this guide describes the characteristics of a master plan, how it is distinct from a comprehensive plan, provides a nine-step process for developing a master plan, and highlights successful examples in Delaware.

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