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What is Streetscaping?

Streetscape is a term “that refers to is used to describe the natural and built fabric of the street, and defined as the design quality of the street and its visual effect.” The concept recognizes that a street is a public place where people are able to engage in various activities. Streetscapes and their visual experience largely influences public places where people interact, and it ultimately helps define a community’s aesthetic quality, economic activity, health, and sustainability.

Illustration of Streetscape Design


A successful streetscape has multiple aspects. Because all roads have multiple users and serve many functions, each streetscape design must be context-sensitive. Transportation systems must consider the context or physical setting and use design approaches and materials that are consistent with local conditions. A streetscape needs to have boundaries to ensure safe travel for all roadway users. Signs, curbs, fences and landscaping can effectively create an inclusive, yet safe environment that provides a sense of physical comfort for diverse users and activities. The aesthetic appeal elements of beautification initiatives, attractive lighting, street furniture, clean streets, and outdoor dining contribute to a town’s sense of place. Amenities should be designed to get people out of their cars to socialize, interact with their environment, and discover other mobility options.

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