What are the best practice examples of Streetscaping being APPLIED in Delaware?

Photo of the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand

Source: http://www.delawareonline.com/blogs/2009/01/cutbacks-hit-rehoboth-beach-bandstand.html

Rehoboth Avenue, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is an excellent “best practice” example of streetscaping. The popular summer destination desperately needed a solution to safely manage seasonal traffic congestion from cars, walkers, and bikers. The City of Rehoboth set out to create an attractive business district and family-oriented public spaces to promote shopping, dining, strolling, biking, and entertainment.

Rehoboth officials, an Aesthetics Committee, residents, and the business community worked with the DelDOT and federal transportation officials to acquire funding and finalize the details of the Rehoboth Avenue streetscape project. The project was divided into three phases to minimize inconvenience to residents, tourists, and merchants. During the first phase, all above-ground utilities were removed and placed underground. Sidewalks were widened and marked with specially designated crosswalks. Parking areas were reconfigured to outer areas of the city and new on-street metered parking systems were installed. New lighting and landscaping was installed as part of a street beautification project that aimed to further entice pedestrian activity and aesthetically soften the parking areas.

Photo of the Rehoboth Beach roundabout and surrounding streetscape

Source: http://www.cormanconstruction.com/project-portfolio/streetscape/rehoboth-beach-streetscape-%E2%80%93-phase-ii/

The second phase of the project created a boundary and gateway to Rehoboth Avenue. A traffic-calming roundabout was placed at the beginning of Rehoboth Avenue in order to slow traffic. A replica of the Cape Henlopen lighthouse was placed on top of the roundabout in order to create a gateway. The final phase created a public pavilion at the end of Rehoboth Avenue that echoed the same appealing style of the gateway.

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