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The 2010 Standards For Accessible Design requires many state and local government agencies to conduct accessibility audits.

The 2010 Standards For Accessible Design requires many state and local government agencies to conduct accessibility audits. (Photo © Ivy O. Lam/

ADA Basic Building Blocks Course

This online course created by the ADA National Network provides students with basic instruction about the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and the 2008 ADA Amendments Act.

ADA Best Practices Toolkit for State and Local Governments

This toolkit created by the Department of Justice provides broken down explanations about Title II ADA requirements as well as other components of the act that directly affect governments at the state and local levels.

ADA Coordinator Toolkit

This toolkit, put together by the Northwest ADA Regional Center, provides great resources for ADA Coordinators including a sample self-evaluation tool for governments and a checklist for existing facilities.

ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP)

The Coordinator Training Certificate Program certifies participants to be qualified ADA Coordinators. Training includes information on self-evaluations and transition plans, as well as carrying out updates and every other step of the ADA compliance procedure.

ADA Title II and Title III Regulations Fact Sheet Series

This Fact Sheet Series was created by the National Network of ADA Centers to provide state and local governments with information about the new Title II and Title III ADA regulations that took effect in 2011 and 2012.

ADA Web Search Portal

The ADA Web Search Portal allows you to search through web pages that are separated by topic content related to the act. It brings together countless sources to meet the need for organized and specific information related to the ADA.

ADA National Network

The ADA National Network brings together 10 regional centers throughout the U.S. to provide local assistance to governments and other entities in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Each regional center provides local resources.

Department of Justice ADA Website

The ADA website, controlled by the U.S. Department of Justice, displays the law and regulations themselves, as well as ADA related news, projects and studies, instructions for filing complaints and many other resources.

Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center is one of ten regional centers established to provide training, information, and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to businesses, consumers, schools, and state and local governments. A website section includes information about training opportunities that may be of interest to people with disabilities, service providers, government agencies, businesses, and others.

United States Access Board

The Access Board is an independent federal agency that works to promote equality for people with disabilities. They provide ADA related training and information on guidelines and standards.

U.S. Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is responsible for creating and maintaining transit services that are nondiscriminatory and that comply with the ADA.

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