Context-Sensitive Solutions


Context-Sensitive Solutions, commonly referred to as CSS, is an approach to tackling transportation projects that seeks to include the unique needs of specific communities.  This concept discounts a “one size fits all” design of roads and streets.

Guiding Principles

CSS gives voice to community members. Those that will be using the roadways on a daily basis play a vital role in the planning process. Their thoughts and opinions are considered alongside those of government and transportation officials.

CSS transportation projects work with a community’s existing culture and landscape. Valued resources are taken into consideration. CSS projects also take into account the roles that various modes of transportation play in the community’s atmosphere. The needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and motorists are balanced. Therefore, engineering solutions incorporate the needs and desires of the community.

Communication and collaboration between stakeholders is a key tenet of CSS. This approach encourages community members, transportation planners and engineers, government officials, as well as others to have an open discussion about a project’s progress and results. Stakeholders may then be able to determine the failures and successes of the project and use those lessons in future endeavors.

CSS strives to achieve flexible and creative transportation plans, designs, and programs. These projects consider both the existing and future context of transportation and land use and seek to be in harmony with an area’s history, environmental resources, and overall aesthetic. Each community has characteristics that are key to its culture and the CSS approach incorporates these factors into transportation designs.

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Visual resources

GIS StoryMap on Context-Sensitive Solutions

This GIS StoryMap showcases context-sensitive solutions as a tool to achieve Complete Streets in a community that are safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel by automobile, foot, bicycle, and transit, regardless of age and ability. This story maps presents narratives along with visual examples of context-based development throughout Delaware.

This story maps presents narratives along with visual examples of context-based development throughout Delaware.

Downloadable presentation on Context-Sensitive Solutions

This downloadable presentation provides an overview of Context-Sensitive Solutions of the toolbox.

PowerPoint Title Slide for Context Sensitite Transportation Design presentation

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