Context-Sensitive Solutions Resources

National Organization(s) – is the premier resource for information on CSS.  The site serves as a clearinghouse for information on CSS.  It features resources for transportation officials, stakeholders, and citizens.

Institute of Traffic Engineers (2006) – “Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities” addresses the challenges that new urbanists face in creating streets that match the urban built environment. The 255-page manual can be downloaded directly from ITE.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

AASHTO and FHWA report on the Context Sensitive Solutions Strategic Planning Process (2007) – The report work highlights outcomes of working groups that were convened to collaboratively to develop a strategic plan for ensuring that CSS is part of every state DOT’s approach to project delivery. The report provides a strategic plan, an action agenda, and implementation steps to mainstream CCS within transportation agencies.

Delaware Department of Transportation – DelDOT has information about past, ongoing, and future transportation projects in the State of Delaware. Official DelDOT policies may also be found on this website.

Context-Sensitive Solutions for Delaware Byways – This document provides details on how the State of Delaware is implementing CSS strategies through its “Delaware Byways” program. It has been nationally recognized for its relevance as an example of Context-Sensitive Solutions.

Federal Highway Administration

CSS National Dialogue – This site promotes advocacy and education on the benefits of CCS through webcasts, workshops, resources, and case studies.

FWHA and Context-Sensitive Solutions – This website provides information about the Federal Highway Administration policies regarding CSS. Links are also provided to partner agencies.

Integrating Context Sensitive Solutions into Transportation Practice (July 2009) – This document provides technical guidance on integrating context sensitive solutions principles into transportation planning and project development.

Integration of Context Sensitive Solutions into the Transportation Planning Process (FHWA, Jan. 2007) – The document includes ten one-page fact sheets of transportation planning efforts, describing how they have incorporated CSS.

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