How is CSS compatible with Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware?

Complete Communities are healthy, livable, inclusive, active, and sustainable. They feature complete streets and use land efficiently. The Institute for Public Administration is currently working to implement policies in Delaware that will help communities achieve these ideals. Context-Sensitive Solutions can play a vital role in creating transportation systems that reflect the goals of Complete Communities.

In 2010, DelDOT released its long-term transportation plan. DelDOT plans to implement projects, services, and programs that encourage economic vitality, safety, accessibility, mobility, environmental stewardship, multi-modal transportation, efficiency and effectiveness.  These objectives are intended to improve the quality of Delaware’s transportation systems for current and future users. The CSS principles of community involvement, context awareness, and accountability can be integrated into the planning and implementation process to help DelDOT achieve its long term goals and provide high-quality service to all users.

Context-Sensitive Solutions work in conjunction with local land-use plans. Through comprehensive and master plans, Delaware municipalities implement their visions for future growth and development. The Context-Sensitive Solutions are in line with these existing plans. For example, CSS may help a main street become more walkable, or preserve historic buildings, but Context-Sensitive Solutions do not single-handedly dictate land-use. CSS serves only to complement a community’s transportation planning and implementation process. Context-Sensitive Solutions do not determine the goals of municipalities, they simply help achieve them.

Many of DelDOT’s ongoing projects are in accordance with the goals of Context-Sensitive Solutions. Bike lanes are being incorporated into transportation designs. Abandoned railroad corridors are being converted into trails. Studies have been conducted to improve the safety and mobility of pedestrians and consider design flexibility needs of a transportation solution. DelDOT regularly holds public meetings to ensure that citizens have an opportunity to voice their needs and concerns to transportation officials. These projects promote healthy, safe, and environmentally conscious communities that are in keeping with the core principles of Context-Sensitive Solutions and the ideals of Complete Communities.

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