Why Should Your Community Consider Using Context-Sensitive Solutions?

Context sensitive solutions give a voice to community members.CSS promotes public/stakeholder involvement. Balancing the needs of businesses, government, and the general public is a difficult task, but communication makes achieving mutually beneficial results possible. When these individual players are included in the conversation, transportation officials are best able to create solutions that appeal to the entire community. There is no better resource for determining the goals of transportation projects than the collective desires and experiences of the communities they will serve.

CCS provides flexible transportation solutions. Flexible transportation solutions are best able to complement their contexts. Main streets should not be designed like interstates. Nor should rural highways have the same features as inner-city streets. The goal of context sensitive solutions is to compliment the purpose of the road or street, not to define it.

CCS Considers existing and future transportation and land use contexts. The CSS approach to transportation design focuses on long-term solutions. Planning for the future demands of traffic and population is necessary to prevent a cycle of constant construction. Demands of the future will also include lifestyle changes and demographic shifts.

CCS promotes development of multimodal transportation systems. Today’s roads and streets must cater not only to motorists, but also pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users. The CSS approach considers various modes throughout the entire planning and implementation process. This helps to ensure that transportation systems are safe and effective for users of all modes.

CCS is performance oriented. Context-Sensitive Solutions advocate extensive performance measures during all stages of the planning and implementation process. Evaluating the success of past transportation projects is a necessary step in improving the quality of service communities receive in the future.

CCS is a decision-making process that is environmentally responsible. The CSS approach acknowledges the importance of environmental stewardship. A deep understanding of a project’s environmental context is critical to preserving a community’s natural resources and to remaining in compliance with environmental regulations.

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