Planning Documents

2008 Comprehensive Plan:

South East Master Plan: In 2009, Milford and various state agencies hosted three workshops to discuss community planning. As a result of these workshops, the SE Master Plan was created in 2011 to help develop and implement a shared vision for promoting the well-being of the area.

Economic Development Strategy: Milford’s Economic Development Strategy was created in 2010 to encourage the economic growth and development of the City. It is intended to promote a diversified and regionally competitive economy and tax base while maintaining a high quality of life. A Resource Profile for Economic Development was created in conjunction with the Economic Development Strategy in 2010 as an objective overview of the City’s demographics, labor force, education, local economy, transportation access, and quality of life to determine its potential as a destination for businesses.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan: Thanks to essential public input, Milford now has a Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan for review that shows existing bicycle lanes and other pedestrian facility connections as well as locations that require improvements.

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  1. After leaving the workshop Tuesday evening I thought a few items should be to added to the Complete Community Element List.
    Higher Education was mentioned, however I don’t believe a superior Educational System, K-12 was mentioned.
    Also, I believe a Marketing Plan/Strategic Plan/5 Year Plan or something of the sort should be added as well.

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