Delaware State and Regional Resources

Center for Disabilities Studies University of Delaware

The mission of the Center for Disabilities Studies is to enhance the lives of individuals and families through education, prevention, service, and research related to disabilities.

Delaware Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities

The DSAAPD provides access to and coordinates long term services for people with disabilities and aging populations. Its Delaware Aging and Disability Resource Center is a one-stop access point for information and services for older persons and adults with physical disabilities throughout the State.

Delaware State Council for Persons with Disabilities

The Council for Persons with Disabilities brings together disability advocates and state agencies to make sure that disabled persons can fully integrate into society.

Delaware Department of Transportation

DelDOT is committed to making transportation accessible to everyone in the First State. DelDOT’s Office of Civil Rights is responsible for overseeing all external civil rights programs, insuring compliance with all federal and state civil rights and non-discrimination laws and requirements, and acting to move forward the goals and objectives of civil rights provisions. DelDOT’s website provides information on its ADA inventory and assessment, policies, accommodations, calendar, resources, contact information for DelDOT’s ADA Coordinator, and paratransit services. Highlighted information includes:

Delaware T2 Center

The Delaware T2 Center, at the Delaware Center for Transportation (DCT) at the University of Delaware, promotes training, technology transfer, and research project implementation at state and local transportation agencies. The Center provides training, courses, technical assistance and briefs to assist local government comply with provisions of ADA.

Presentation modules include design pedestrian facilities for accessibility, winter maintenance, sign retroreflectivity, and Streets, Sidewalks, and ADA. Its tech topic on sidewalks explains why ADA matters and the obligation of local governments to provide “accessible routes” and transportation. Topics in this series include:

A presentation by the Delaware T2 Center, American with Disabilities Act: Transition Plans and Complete Streets (PDF), underscores the importance of local government compliance with ADA standards and guidelines. See the T2 Center’s ADA Guidelines Summary and Resources Handout.

Delaware State Housing Authority (DDHS)

Community and Choice: Housing Needs for People with Disabilities in Delaware, is publication of DDHS. It examines the need for affordable housing options for persons with disabilities in Delaware. The report provides strategic plan follow-up recommendations of the Housing Subcommittee of the Governor’s Commission on Community Based Alternatives for People with Disabilities. It examines major hurdles to independent living, proposes a community-based model of care, and outlines strategies to improve affordable housing opportunities for persons with disabilities

Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)

DDC is authorized by Public Law 106-402 to address the unmet needs of people with developmental disabilities through system-wide advocacy, planning and demonstration projects. Its mission is to promote and embrace inclusion, equality and empowerment.

Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (GACEC)

The Council provides leadership to improve the lives, human service needs (including education) of exceptional citizens of all ages
through advice and advocacy.

State Council for Persons with Disabilities

The mission of the State Council for Persons with Disabilities is to unite, in one Council, disability advocates and State agency policy makers to ensure that individuals with disabilities are empowered to become fully integrated within the community.

University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies

The mission of the Center for Disabilities Studies is to enhance the lives of individuals and families through education, prevention, service, and research related to disabilities. CDS promotes independence and productivity so individuals and families can fully participate in community life.


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