Secrets of Successful Communities

According to Better Models for Development in Delaware, Delaware can grow and still have a strong economy, open space, attractive neighborhoods, good schools, and healthy environment.  However, each community needs to create a vision for its pattern of land use and community design.  Successful communities typically

  • Have a shared vision for the future
  • Identify key assets
  • Build local plans based on preservation and enhancement of local assets
  • Pick and choose among development proposals
  • Assess impacts of land use policies
  • Use education, incentives, and voluntary initiatives — not just regulations
  • Meet the needs of both landowners and community
  • Pay attention to community appearance, economics, and ecology
  • Recognize link between land use and transportation
The most effective land use planning takes place at the local level. Comprehensive planning serves as a blueprint for local government growth and development.  Sensible land use planning practices also serve as a foundation for Delaware to achieve a vision as a great place to live and work while supporting an environment that supports business growth and preserves critical, natural, and fiscal resources.
 Flow chart explaining the components of comprehensive planning

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